Welcome to the client closet!

This page is dedicated to featuring the client closet and some reasons that you should use it! There are so many benefits and I will also give you a sneak peek into a few items that are in the closet. And best of all, all of my clients have access to the closet!

Reasons to use the client closet

  • One less think to pack/ worry about
  • Instead of spending lots of money on a dress you may only wear one time, you can have options from the cient closet
  • Peace of mind knowing that these pieces will photograph beautifully!
  • I take care of all the after care (dry cleaning, washing, etc.)
  • I have hand picked these pieces to best fit the island feel
  • I have a wide variety of pieces but try to keep them timeless
  • My pieces tend to be more neutral/ earthy tones that are easy to match the rest of the family!

Timeless Pieces

The dresses that I have hand picked compliment the scenery so well! I try to incorporate neutral, earthy tones, whimsical pieces that are minimal and timeless.

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