As a new photographer, I was constantly on social media, YouTube, and Pinterest trying to find apps and tools to best help grow my photography business. Today, I want to share my top 5 tools I use as a photographer to help you grow your own business! There are many more tools that I use everyday, but these are great for any beginner photographer!

01- Pinterest.

Do you know how as teenagers you would go on Pinterest and find your dream wedding dress, decorations, the best foods, and more? That is why I LOVE Pinterest. This tool can help you bring your visions to fruition! I use Pinterest to organize my style, branding inspo, poses that I love, and much more. Pinterest is a free tool that can help capture your vision and gain inspiration to what you want your business to look like!

02- Canva.

Let's talk Canva! As a photographer, we usually do not have the skills to create amazing graphics from Adobe InDesign. There is SO much that you can do with Canva from creating logs to creating style guides. It is easy to use and there is a free version. If you find yourself using it more frequently, then definitely check out the monthly plan they have!

03- Instagram.

Yes, Instagram. This is one of the best tools out there that is 100% FREE for advertising. There is so much that you can do with Instagram to help display your portfolio and gain clients. Instagram will also allow you to engage with your clients and other photographers!

04- HoneyBook

If you have never heard of HoneyBook, now you have and it will change the way you do business! In short, HoneyBook is a client system that helps to book clients, receive payments, set up template, and much more! Definitely check it out! It has saved me so much time and headaches!

05- YouTube.

YouTube is full of amazing creative content creators that offer free tips and tricks to navigate this while photography thing. I love using YouTube for things I am not familiar with. Things I learned from YouTube when I first started out were things like basic editing, camera gear, and different reviews of cameras I was considering to purchase.